Technology, used during admission control and examination of students, will help us to organize such a huge event no matter what the limitations, he stressed.

the Olympics on July 13. It will be attended by teams from more than 20 countries. However, this year pupils have to pass only two theoretical round without chemical experiments.

the Recall, originally holding the 54th Mendeleev Olympiad was planned in Budapest at the end of April. However, because of the coronavirus pandemic plans had to change.

As stated Stepan Kalmykov, “according to the preliminary agreement with the Hungarian side in the spring of 2021 in Budapest will host the next, 55th Olympiad”. Meanwhile, the national team of schoolchildren from Austria and Saudi Arabia, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Armenia and Israel, Belarus and Hungary, Bulgaria and Syria, Georgia and Latvia, Iran and Kazakhstan, Estonia and Kyrgyzstan, Serbia and Slovakia, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, Lithuania and Turkey, Russia and other countries prepare to meet in the International Mendeleev Olympiad in online mode.