Ecuador’s government has declared that it is prepared to allow WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange from its Embassy-in-exile in London, the connection to the Internet again, if he holds on to a nine-page list of requirements. The Ecuadorian site “Codigo Vidrio” citing an internal Embassy document.

In the Letter, Assange was it forbidden to take in the “internal Affairs of other States” to interfere with, or actions that “Ecuador could threaten good relations with other countries”.

at the same time be checked for its visitors, therefore, in the future and need to sign up several days prior to their Coming to the Ambassador. The document also contains provisions for assange rather non-political matters, such that he had to keep the message clean and to be a pet to take care of.

Otherwise, it is confiscated. The AP news Agency reported, Assange hold a cat in the message; a cat is also to be seen on several images in the message.

cat in the equadorian Embassy

Although the document could not be verified first, “Codigo Vidrio” is known to publish the internals of the message.

Here you can view the published Version (in Spanish).

Ecuador’s Embassy had blocked Assange in March, all means of communication. Assange had previously submitted in the short message service Twitter, the British blame game against Russia in the case Skripal out of the question. The arrest of the former Catalan government President Carles Puigdemont in Germany, he had criticized. Since then, there had been increasingly tensions between Assange and his hosts.


Assange had fled in 2012 in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden for rape allegations. The Stockholm Prosecutor’s office appealed the case last year, to the files. However, a British arrest warrant still exists, because Assange is said to have failed in 2010 against parole.

The Australians feared, to be passed on to the USA, where he was a process because of secret betrayal and possibly even the death penalty. He cofounded the unveiling platform Wikileaks published in 2010, secret documents of the US military.