“A mixture of orgasm and vomiting” is how one American Airlines passenger described what he heard repeatedly on board his flight. What sounded like a man’s moaning and belching came at regular intervals over the loudspeakers.

And anyone who watches the passenger’s video should agree with his description.

The man reports that the noises started before takeoff and continued until landing. The crew also reported several times to apologize for the “extremely irritating noises”. The captain also apologized but couldn’t do anything about the noise.

A flight attendant on the video suspects it was a prank. There are now many theories circulating on the Internet as to how the noises on board could have come about. Almost everyone agrees: someone must have gained access to the speaker system.

But American Airlines sees it differently. When asked by aeroTELEGRAPH, the airline explained: “The loudspeaker systems on board our aircraft are hard-wired and there is no access from the outside.” A “mechanical problem with an amplifier” caused the noise. This increases the volume of the intercom system when the engines walked.

Not all Internet users are satisfied with this answer. The sounds are clearly human, many think. At least they would sound like someone recorded them from a computer game.

It is also strange that there is not just this one case. Since July there have been reports on social media again and again in which travelers have complained about the noise over the loudspeaker system. Both Boeing and Airbus jets have been affected by the problems. It was always domestic flights. “Our team is currently reviewing the additional reports,” American said.

This article was written by Laura Frommberg

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