In these conventions is governed by the reduction of the risks of chemicals and hazardous wastes. New plastic was included as hazardous waste in the Basel Convention.

The Swiss Delegation had used at the conference, which took place on Friday evening in Geneva, for the Stockholm and Rotterdam Convention is that a control mechanism according to the model of the Basel Convention.

“This is a success for Switzerland,” said Franz Perrez of the Swiss Federal office for the environment (FOEN) and head of the Swiss Delegation to the conference, in an interview with the news Agency Keystone-SDA.

more than 100 million tons of waste in the world contaminate, according to the UN, already seas and each year add to this the estimated additional 10 million tonnes. Pictures of massive waste of a spin on the water as well as dirty beaches, went around the world. And already in the year 2050 could be drifting in the oceans more plastic than fish swimming in it, warned the UN last year.

A significant part of the plastic that enters the oceans comes from uncontrolled waste disposal on the mainland. So far, only plastics, which are classified as dangerous must be controlled, in the case of exports.

Re-contaminated and non-pre-sorted plastic wastes should be included as a reportable waste in the Basel Convention. Thus, these can be exported only after the recipient country has been informed about the import, and his consent has been given.