Insurers ask for support from the Central Bank

against the background of the global fight against the pandemic all-Russian Union of insurers have asked the Central Bank for help. As reported TASS, the organization sent the regulator the letter, which lists possible measures to support the market.

this, in particular, mitigating the requirements of the Central Bank to the financial stability and solvency of market participants, as well as to postpone the submission of the financial statements for the first quarter. In addition, the Union requests to increase the maximum term of insurance payment to the victim from the current 20 to 30 days.

Plus — there is a proposal for the extension of the tariff corridor insurance, and not less than 10%. Insurers explain the request so that due to the growth of the dollar will rise refurbishment. And hence will increase and payments to insurance companies.

“given the fact that, according to the Bank of Russia, the combined ratio for insurance in 2019 94.5%, the current values of the tariff corridor for CTP are insufficient to compensate the growth of prices”, — quotes Agency the extract from the letter of VSS.

if the insurers offer is accepted, the minimum limit for cars down to 2471 rubles, and the maximum limit raised to RUB 5436 Now they are 2746 4942 RUB and RUB, respectively.