When buying a car, we are price-conscious: The Garagist with the best offer gets the contract. After that, we throw out the money often to the window and the car insurance (to) remain faithful to long. “The car loses in value, the premium remains the same,” explains Andrea Auer (33), the mobility expert of the comparison portal comparis.ch.

Since 2014, a quarter cheaper

Because the premiums are lowered – but only for new contracts. Alone in 2014, is a quarter cheaper, because the business is highly profitable, but the competitive pressure is growing. Thanks to digitisation cheap direct insurers push premiums.

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But you will benefit from only if you adapt the contract or to the provider switches. Say: Cancel, otherwise the contract with the same amount of Premium will be extended, often automatically, to the turn of the year. Weil is usually a three months period, means the but also: September is the last Chance to cancel.

Not only the bonus counts

“The new contract is not important that you look at the choice of the insurance how to get banned only on the amount of your Premium,” advises Auer. Thus, duration of the contract to be (ideally a maximum of one year), period of notice (maximum three months), differences in total damage as well as bonus systems for damage differently.

This is a quasi insurance 2.0. It runs everything online over the Internet, there are no agencies and no representatives. the

no. Through online business, the costs of the insurer are lower, and premiums are generally cheaper – emphasis on “mostly”, it is not always the case.

This is different for each individual. You can do everything online, but has no personal advice. In addition, there are direct insurers rarely insurance policies such as Household contents, so no Multi policy discount.

Since the end of 2018 post offers Finance online car insurance. The classic hot Elvia, Smile.direct and Dextra. The latter has recently, in cooperation with Start-ups, new products such as auto sense and Kasko2Go.

these new products s specifically ?
In auto-sense – of Amag and Swisscom, as well as Kasko2Go the premium is determined on the basis of kilometers driven. In Kasko2Go the manner of driving is also important. Data are valuable and the price for the depth bonus. the