MOSCOW, may 3 — RIA Novosti. State Duma Deputy Irina Guseva criticized sports commentator Vasily Utkin, who called Volgograd “city of muggers”.

Earlier during the stream on YouTube, one of the audience asked the journalist to assess the chances of the Volgograd football club “Rotor” to go in the Russian Premier League. In response, Utkin said he didn’t want to talk about the team “from the city of muggers” and ignores questions about her. According to him, such opinion of the inhabitants of Volgograd have helped him over the years, even though he faced “only this layer”. The commentator added that he was indifferent to the fate of the club.

As stated to “Rise” Guseva, people allow themselves such statements, far from patriotism and just trying to draw attention to themselves.

She called Volgograd the best city in the world, and recalled the role it played during the great Patriotic war.

“My grandfather was the town defended. We fascists broke the backbone for a minute. Thanks to our city in the Second world war, a radical change was,” she said.

the MP noted that a rotor increased by the victories of the players of “Rotor” and proud of my team.

“And the fact that we are trying to attack. Good luck to these people health and may the Lord give them a reason”, she said.