Singer Vyacheslav Antonov has filed a lawsuit against a Comedy Club and partly won the claim. It is reported by Telegram-channel Mash.

Antonov gained popularity on YouTube with the songs about the homeland, the heartland of the country, moonshine and vodka. His videos gaining millions of views.

Comedians from the Comedy Club also noticed the rollers, the singer and called his work “selkhozstroi,” says Mash. Antonov went to court and demanded one million rubles for moral damages and illegal use of its video. Ultimately, the court appointed him to a compensation in 40 800 roubles.

As he wrote, “the Rambler,” before the Comedy Club sent a letter of apology for the joke about the Cossacks of the Supreme

ataman of the Union of Cossacks – soldiers of Russia and abroad Nikolai Dyakonov.

The cause of the conflict was the joke of the comedian Andrew Beburishvili about how his hero Paco “snuck in the Cossack camp” to “manage” Cossack. The deacons called joke vulgarity and stressed that the mother for the Cossacks – Holy. Himself the comedian also apologized and called the incident a misunderstanding.