the Shopping rush, who gleefully indulged in by the Russians during the isolation (those who kept the income!), spread not only on clothes, shoes and cooking utensils, and jewelry. As reported by retailers, the sale of gold grew by 129% compared to the same period last year.

the Need to comply with the “touch-free” delivery (to June 2020) is not recaptured from the Russians the hunt to acquire rings, necklaces and chains. The most expensive product, ordered online, was the brooch 166 thousand roubles it was bought by a resident of Tatarstan.

in the Spring and summer the demand for jewelry traditionally grows: approaching the wedding season, where people rush to acquire the rings, tiaras, cufflinks and even silverware. However, there are purchase much more impressive.

According to one of the largest online retailers, the most expensive purchase through the “shop on a sofa” (or, in the realities of 2020, “the store via smartphone”) has become a gold brooch with diamonds and emeralds worth 166 thousand rubles. It was ordered by the buyer from Naberezhnye Chelny in the Republic of Tatarstan.

Another big spender was discovered in Ust-Ilimsk (Irkutsk oblast): he bought online gold earrings with diamonds for 132 thousand. Closes the top three, connoisseur jewelry Muscovite, pay 125 thousand rubles for a gold chain handmade. And again online.

According to one hypothesis, the thrust of Russians to the gold in quarantine due to a desire to invest. Jumps of exchange rate and General economic instability during the pandemic provoked attempts to save money by investing them in “eternal values”.

Another hypothesis is divided psychologists: according to them, during a pandemic, all of us were in a vulnerable position, and therefore in a hurry to please themselves or their loved ones. For example, a gift in the form of expensive jewelry.

According to the retailers, in particular, the demand for charms (+272% yoy), necklaces and chains (+160%), earrings (+125%) and bracelets (+112%). In other words, things that are appropriate as a gift to his wife or daughter.

However, this begs another question: when ordering such expensive things online (and even non-contact delivery), how can you be sure in the quality of the product and the sensibilities of the courier?

–the Ordering of expensive jewelry is obviously different from buying another set of sheets, so it’s not shameful to be a Downer, – says Olesya, working in one of the large chain jewelry stores. – First of all, order online only jewelry those firms that you already know firsthand, and you are confident in the quality. If you order through an agent, take your time and ask whether the brand has partnered with this broker. So you protect yourself from fakes. And, of course, check the goods, not on the spot: that is, in conditions of self-isolation, open the package immediately and check whether the product is specified on this sample and the brand name.

But the police hold the opposite opinion and warn that “Shine” expensive purchases – always a bad idea, and courier service is no different from other cases.

I always recommend people to shred receipts from expensive purchases and expensive packaging goods, first of all to send them in the garbage. Still the attackers, who are ready to dig in dumpsters to find out what apartment I live contenders for theft or robbery.

Expensive purchases should be made to the building in an opaque package, not to force the boxes with the names of expensive brands, – noted in conversation with the correspondent “MK” police major in resignation Vyacheslav B. – the same goes for deliveries: we cannot be sure of the trustworthiness of the courier who will see in the invoice that in this apartment lives a person who bought the brooch for 166 thousand. We don’t know who he’ll tell about it. Therefore, these expensive purchases can wait until such time, as will the opportunity to go to a jewelry shop in person.