Closed borders, long Truck queues in the single European area: What has been painted as a Brexit-a horror scenario, to the wall, occurred in the Corona-crisis as fast as lightning!

What makes the EU actually, in these days, to stop the course?

▶︎ Commission, head of Ursula von der Leyen (61) defendant immediately prior to the yesterday’s EU summit, which was held for the first time via video unlock: “As Europe had to really be there for each other, have thought a lot initially only to itself. As Europe is a real community spirit needed, chose to initially go it alone. And as Europe has had to really prove that we are not a ‘fair-weather Union, refused too many, first of all, to share your screen.”

▶︎ defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (57, CDU) said in a global Interview on Friday: “The Corona-nationalism of some governments and politicians is frightening.”

▶︎ “is the Survival of The European project are at stake,” said the President of France, Emmanuel Macron (42) in the evening. He warned of a disintegration of the Schengen area, which guarantees open borders in the internal market. This is a concern, the Federal government is up to. A German EU Diplomat to the PICTURE: “the internal market – the likes for many of the bureaucratic sound, it is the main pillar of the German economy is.”