The Amazement was huge, as Roger Federer (37) finished last summer, after twenty years of cooperation of its supplier-relationship with Nike. Since Wimbledon in 2018 he is playing with clothes, the Japanese brand Uniqlo. But on the court, Federer’s still with Nike shoes, the last in Roland Garros. Because the Japanese do not make Tennis shoes.

Off the Court, the Ami pine for the Maestro, but is no longer an issue. There, Federer shows in the past few months instead of a Swiss Shoe brand instead of Nike. Roger is putting in his spare time, shoes of the Zurich label “On”!

Spirig uses the Swiss brand

This was nine years ago, among other things, of Ex-Pro-triathlete Olivier Bernhard founded. “On” is specialized in running shoes and has since made a success story of the iconic all over the world. In the meantime, the brand is in 50 countries and has offices in the USA, Japan, Australia, and Brazil. Also Olympic champion Nicola wins Spirig in the “On”shoes.

Federer’s Flair for the Swiss shoes it makes recently in Paris open to the public. On Facebook he shows pictures of his visit at the Fondation Louis Vuitton, where he is wearing a Pair of “On”representatives. Fans will notice this immediately.

“We are pleased about it”

“On,”the spokeswoman Marieke Stasch says: “We are of course delighted that Roger Federer is shown open as On-the Fan and the comfort of our shoes so estimated. A real praise for our brand. We look forward in any case, it is.” To any negotiations for Tennis shoes, nothing is known.

Tentatively, Federer will therefore remain in Nike shoes on the title hunt. Last year, he said: “We will see what the future will bring. Nike has more interest in me. The relationship is not terminated. We had a great relationship in the last 20 years.” His next appearance Roger also plans next week in hall (D) at the beginning of the lawn season.