Stuttgart – Everything is empty bought. In the city there is no mouth protection. Therefore, a small sewing room has changed in the Leonhard-quarter of their production. Instead of fancy clothes, only protection masks are made.

Normally, the sewing room “revived spices up” (based on 2015) the offcuts from the textile industry, to Designer clothes. Boss Sarah Kürten (32): “We have received calls for help from midwives, pharmacists, and many private individuals. Since we have realized that we need to contribute to crisis management.“

Per day 1000 masks together photo: Andreas Rosar

Per Tag sewn provide two and a half Closer now 1000 masks. Kuerten: “We can’t manufacture as much as is bought. At the Moment we are trying to 2500 orders to execute.“

The Boss: “To midwives and care staff, we provide at cost price.”