for Hours, Lia Beyeler,* was lying in bed and staring at your phone. Saw pictures of women with flawless body and perfect life. She looked in the mirror, she felt bad.

seemed to be While in the seemingly perfect world of Instagram all happy and beautiful, fought Lia with self-doubt and eating disorders. “Instagram is not reinforced my feeling to be happy with myself and my life.”

girl to see more pictures as the guys

As of today, 21-Year-old with short, copper-colored hair, many of the young people. Because of the perfection craze on the App, owned since 2012 by Facebook, has a negative effect on your well-being. Especially to the young women. According to the so-called James-study of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, which examines each year the media use of children and young people, to see the girls more pictures and like more frequently than boys.

On Instagram, it is going to be ums, See and be seen, therefore, who has the prettiest face, the hottest body and the most Likes: It comes to confirmation. The more, the better. Especially in the case of girls, this desire can become an Addiction.

Oliver Bilke-Hentsch is a specialist in child and adolescent psychiatry and chief physician of adolescent psychiatric model station Somosa, Winterthur ZH. He says: “You know now, that 14 – to 16-year-old girls are the most affected.”

“, you would of peers to hear”

When you Publish a picture of the curious was already going to be feedback a positive experience, “no matter how it turns out, then: it Is also sympathetic, the more beautiful” – especially when the Likes of other young people. “As the parents of the daughter can say so often how beautiful she is, that brings nothing. You would like to hear from their peers.”

The Problem is that to get common on Instagram, particularly those compliments which conform to the standard ideals of beauty. That creates uncertainty. “I thought I’d be just as happy as you, I would be so successful and so look perfect,” says Lia.

According to a British study by the Royal Society for Public Health, the 1500 young people between 14 and 24 years surveyed, leads Instagram, people feel lonely because they are constantly images of others, consider, the together to do something. Half of the App feelings of anxiety triggers. And 70 percent doubt your own appearance, when you see the toned bodies and flawless faces on Instagram.

A study by the Malisa-Foundation from Germany revealed recently that the girls that are on Instagram often have a very critical look on her appearance. Then follow the instagram stars, set the larger value to be slim, and edit your images stronger.
they are based on clichés and use outdated stereotypes. “Contrary to the expectation of the Internet has brought only very limited education. Old-fashioned, conservative, and misogynistic tendencies are widely used in the social media is very strong,” says the psychiatrist Bilke-Hentsch.

to Compare with idols and peers is normal. In healthy young people, who have a stable network of family and friends, you have to make a rule, no Worries, if you spend a lot of time on Instagram. Bilke-Hentsch, says: “Although you are through the App, your body to critical. But this is mostly a Phase.”

Sooner or later, they felt that the comparisons of good, and they have distanced themselves from it. “These young people know that they are also outside the virtual world someone.”

eating disorders and depression.

Especially those ten to 15 percent of the Teens already suffering from concentration problems, sleep and eating disorders or depression are at risk, no stable circle of friends or in difficult family life circumstances. Young people like Lia Beyeler, which comes from stable relationships, but long on eating disorders and suffered from depression: “I was in bed and I’ve looked at all these perfect lives on Instagram, and it’s just not managed to get on the legs. It can affect anyone.”

adolescent psychiatrist Bilke-Hentsch, says: “convinced a young man, to be worth nothing and compared still on Instagram, he experiences much more than others, that he may never get there. And that is damaging.”

How dramatic the effect, also shows this number: The number of young people who come to the psychiatric emergency service of the Canton of Zurich has increased tenfold in the last ten years.

bullying and sexual harassment

Dagmar Pauli, Deputy Director of the Zurich clinic for child and adolescent psychiatry: “The Figures are the expression of a General youth crisis, triggered by the output pressure and the pressure of comparisons in the social media.”

Meanwhile, Lia Instagram has turned his back – she has deleted the App. Out of self-protection, she says.

Because of the constant comparisons with others are not the only threat on Instagram. Many young people are harassment, sexual harassment, and even the risk of suicide is suspended. Bullying is in the network faster and more intense than in the analog world. According to the James-study 23Prozent the Swiss young people were bullied in the network, a third with unwanted sexual intentions addressed.

On Instagram the next App

And even that anorexic or suicidal young people animate on Instagram each other to life-threatening Slimming, or self-injure. Psychiatrist Oliver Bilke-Hentsch: “The online world can never be a safe place.”

During the dark side of Instagram gradually come to light, already conquered, the next App is the online world. The Chinese short-video App, Tiktok aims with movies, Challenges and fun Filters to an even younger audience – especially 12 – to 13-Year-old in the spell.

in Spite of all the dangers of Instagram and co. would be, according to the adolescent psychiatrist Bilke-Hentsch, not a solution. “Young people spend their lives today, mainly online,” he says. It is therefore crucial that you can move around in the real and the virtual world.

“The Problem is, if someone can only feel in the digital world and permanently out of the normal world out.”

* the Name has been changed

Here is the comment from Sunday view-editor-in-chief Gieri Cavelty.

you Should not forbid children from Cyberspace? The experts are unanimous: no! Parents must accompany their children on the way in the digital world instead, and support it. Not the age but the children are not alone and the skills can gradually acquire.

Here are the main tips and Tricks to help your child device that is not the case in the Searches:

– Put your child, not just the digital world from unattended. Try to participate in it by your child, for example, Videos or photos to show that it finds a particularly cool and funny, or particularly uncool and stupid. Important the exchange is. You can these online of the world. You will see how proud your child is that it knows something you have no idea.

– Arrange with your child a certain length of time it online. It is useful to make the week less time available for on the weekend a little more.

– Offer your child plenty of opportunities for you to get involved offline as well. Maybe the Online and offline world connect with each other? So your offspring could show off his latest football trick in a cool Video.

– where none – do not Run fixed offline days in the month! – the Smartphone uses. You go with your children, Hiking or walking in the woods without GPS. Teach your child how to read a map.

– Send your child before the age of 15. Birthday at least once in a horse-riding camp! Since it learns how to lead a horse and how vital it is to keep to the rules. The 500 francs you will only invest, if your child comes rotbäckig and full of the joy of life back home.