What has announced Instagram for a long time, is now being tested in a total of seven countries. A new Version of the App is to hide the number of Likes of a post in front of the Public.

“We don’t want to that Instagram feels like a competition,” said the Instagram in-chief recently, at the developer conference F8. With this Test, the Tech giant wants to find out how the behaviour of the user changes, if not more for all to see, how many Likes it has received a photo or a Video.

The focus should be not on Likes,

The number of “Likes” under the posts you can no longer see the author himself remains to the Public but it is visible Mia Garlick from the parent company, Facebook said: “We hope that this Test takes away the pressure of how many “Likes” receives a Mail, so that you can focus on the Parts of the things that you love.”

In recent time Instagram received a lot of negative criticism. A study from England compared, for example, in the year 2017, the five largest social networks together. This includes Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Twitter. In terms of the negative impact of such platforms on the mental health of the users of Instagram has been determined, the worst.

Instagramer often suffer from depression

often the self-esteem of the User, if one of your posts to get to a few heart suffer namely. Especially among young people, the use of this platform would be linked to States with a high degree of depression, bullying and anxiety.

Affected by this temporary Change, all Instagram are currently users in the countries of Australia, Brazil, Canada, Ireland, Italy, Japan, and new Zealand. Handle you can the Test Version. If this Change is adopted in the future, definitely, is not yet clear. (frk)