The popular apps Instagram and WhatsApp will soon have the new names. In any case, they get some slightly longer names.

Instagram will come in future to be called Instagram from Facebook, while WhatsApp is going to be called – you guess it – never WhatsApp from Facebook.

It writes the Business Insider, which has got the story confirmed by a spokesman for Facebook, Bertie Thomson.

“We want to be more clear about which products belong to Facebook,” he says and stresses that the two applications will continue to be called the short names on users ‘ home screens.

Thus takes Facebook another step on the way to get a centralized the popular apps.

Previously both Instagram and WhatsApp been able to work fairly independently, although the former was acquired by Mark Zuckerbergs team in 2012 and the latter two years later.

Staggering 5.8 billion dollars had Facebook throw for Instagram in his time. The purchase was one of the hitherto most expensive in the IT industry.

At least until Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook, so warm on WhatsApp. The team had to throw in no less than 103 billion dollars to get the app under Facebook’s wings.

In an attempt to increase cohesion between the three apps are planning to Mark Zuckerberg also to make it possible for users to send messages across the platforms.

Employees of Instagram and WhatsApp have also been given new email addresses that end with

the Hope is, according to Bloomberg, the two apps’ popularity will shine on Facebook, which has long been affected by scandals.

Among other things, it came last year, to 87 million Facebook users unwillingly had their data disclosed to a british market research and forecasting firm – even if it goes against Facebook’s own rules.