the inhabitant of the Crimea Alena Bard on his YouTube channel talked about housing prices in the resort cities of the Peninsula.

According to the Russians, all hotels at reasonable prices tourists booked in advance, and the private sector because of the influx of tourists has raised the price in half to two times.

“hotel rates are not raised. Raise the traders. They are really speculating,” he shared details of the Crimean blogger.

the Bard spoke of instances when travelers pre-book housing from private owners, and he refused to place them to offer other holidaymakers apartments at a more inflated price tag.

According to her observations, this year a lot of people with tents.

“somehow it all went to popular places. “Crimea is Yalta, Alushta, Evpatoria. And Crimea — is a lot of cities-resorts”, — said a resident of the Peninsula.

currently only stay can cost a family of three (e.g., father, mother and one year old child), at least 40 thousand rubles for a week of relaxation in a comfortable environment. However, many Russians have made their choice in favor of the Crimea, complained of poor service.

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