In a Thursday-published ruling, the Federal court holds that Linsi can not reveal, the extent to which its legally protected private secrets would be violated. There is no irreparable legal detriment threaten him, if the office of the attorney General should examine the data for the criminal proceedings against him.

Linsi had made in his complaint claimed that the calendar entries would be related to meetings and telephone conversations, which he conducted as a private man. This issues had been discussed, for example, to assign Private and even intimate sphere.

in Addition, the extracts of the calendar to decide, directly or indirectly, to draw conclusions about relationships between him and current at the Fifa employees. Since it is in the current Fifa leadership as a “persona non grate”, could be the insight for these individuals, and “devastating consequences”.

The Federal court cited Linsi, he felt “morally obliged to do everything Possible to prevent former co-workers and colleagues to come by against him wrongly led to criminal proceedings, damage”.

The Federal Prosecutor has indicated in its opinion on the complaint from Linsi to the fact that the thing was because of the impending Statute of limitation a matter of urgency.

Linsi was from 2002 to 2007 Secretary General of the Fifa. The U.S. attorney’s office leads a criminal investigation on suspicion of unfaithful business management or fraud, embezzlement and money laundering against him.

he is accused as the Fifa Secretary General on the alleged repayment of a by the German football Association (DFB) are not owed a “loan” from DFB-funds have been involved. In addition, he is said to have helped the origin of illegally obtained assets to disguise values.

The case is in connection with the awarding of the FIFA world Cup 2006 by the Fifa to Germany. The allegations are based, among other things, an internal investigation report by the DFB in March 2016. (Judgment 1B_30/2019 from the 03.05.2019)