Insidious reincarnation of a goldfish

a Brick on his head

We proceed from the fact that random does not happen. Mikhail Bulgakov the mouth of Woland (not without claims to useobject) formulated: even a brick just so the head will not fall.

Well, if you look wider (even though — much much more — regarding bricks): in the midst of chaos, confusion of world politics, is meaningless (or humanly meaningful lame) wars, claiming millions of lives, broken lives of entire generations — that is in the middle of a perpetual tragic reality was confirmed, beside the cruelty and utmostly, sustainable exotic pearl inside the shell, lay the sanctuary, a Botanical garden where the bloom of wondrous works — Dostoevsky, Chekhov, Proust, Joyce, Tolstoy, Andersen, Saul bellow… Sometimes climbed into the garden rascals try these plants to burn out, to uproot, to kill, but shoots did not give up and triumphs.

Why is it necessary? Why is there?

We agreed: casual does not happen. So… the Presence of this spiritual luxury is dictated by the need. What? These plants are converters of carbon dioxide, engine exhaust gases into life-giving oxygen? They blotter, absorbing the troubles? They herbs that need to learn how to use?

the Magic galoshes

Wisdom (or cunning?) Andersen and his wonderful interpreter — Eugene Schwartz is not writing stories to exhaustion.

Imagine a sequel to “Cinderella”. She married Prince (breaking caste differentiation). What’s next? With all her complexes and insecurities… damage done to her husband’s whims cleaner Pushkin old woman, no goldfish will not sustain her claims. Take-in-law, the Queen, with his own stepmother and sisters — in the style of Stalin’s struggle against the enemies of the people and kulak agents. (If was a meek wallflower without ambition — would not go to a ball at the Palace.) The country will start repressions. Place of Cinderella — not on the throne, and bloated of the hearth, under the administrative lady’s stepmother.

Gerda and Kai have won the love of the Snow Queen. And then what? Domacini Andersen final, the final chord will disappear and a dreamy charm. What awaits lovers? Fragile life? Treason? Domestic violence?

In understatement — more space and hope than the scrupulous recording of details. Tight shoes (remember andersonsc magic galoshes) shake.

Golden cockroach

If it were not for Eugene Schwartz and his “Phone book”, we wouldn’t know that artist Altman painted his workshop scurrying cockroaches in different colors, including Golden. “Let tarakana wonder”.

Well, wouldn’t know we have such an exotic strangeness — that terrible? Would have lived without knowing: is hideous (in appearance) insects do not kill, do not slack off, but to transform. And why are we not artists who do not have at hand the colors, the embellishment? What are the practical benefits? Easier to apply poison. But imagine: rush, yelling in the kitchen are not enemies, not messengers of an infection, and merry sparkle.

In India there is a temple where created a haven for rats, they don’t put poison, do not harass a broken glass.

the Composer Balakirev was released (not pressed) caught bed bugs. He was recognized as insane. The Czechs were released caught in the trap of the prisoners in the garden. Here are amazing people. Creative — not in the sense of creative professions, but in terms of creation other than the known of everyday life. Even if there strange people nearby, but know that they was — more fun, warmer, more optimistic to overcome the bleak (as a rule) the field of existence. In their world a much nicer, cozier, more interesting to live.

the Fate of the Gingerbread man

Literature — always a generalization, the concentration of experiences, personalities, lives, thoughts.

the Murder of a literary, cinematic, theatrical character — extreme and exceptional measuresOh, and not rasfoieste. Well understand the logic and the motive of the murder of king Kong: a huge monkey is nothing to do in the middle of a civilized city of skyscrapers (and if not to bring back the giant gorilla, and the story is not built, will not work). At the same time, the shooting terrible, but handsome beast makes the viewer sympathetic to good-natured creatures, and sympathy — the best-selling product, which in the field of art is highly regarded. In short, the fate of the poor (as “superfluous man” in Russian society) originally a foregone conclusion.

Understandable and the loss generated by the perverted imagination of the grandfather and grandmother Bun — he could not endlessly go from beast to beast, inventing new ways of current — repetitive rigmarole sooner or later would bore the listener and the reader.

Another thing, if killing the character carries additional philosophical, social, symbolic value. When the final “era of mercy” (known for the TV series “the meeting Place cannot be changed”) Zheglov shoots the fleeing of Viktor Pavlov, Sharapov-Konkin realizes the futility of his “honest nezamesnanosti” and the impotence of the words (and all humanity and decency) to the arbitrariness of blind reckless obstinacy, not in the subtleties of moral relations. Clearly triumph vicious methods, with which Zheglov-Vysotsky enforces “correctness” — recall the wallet, tossed them in the pocket of Brick-Sadalsky, mocking intelligent Jurassic, cynicism in the treatment of a lady of easy virtue named Bond.

Read clever books, watch movies and learn (while referring to his own experience) the correctness is stated in the typographical font and clever authors of truths: the winner gets nothing, but the battlefield always remains with the marauders.

so That is what depth psychology can open wide the death of a fictional character.

the Key to success “the Joker”

Why can’t this seriously — and not mock — write “the Idiot” by Dostoevsky, “Anna Karenina”Tolstoy? Because it radically changed the psychology of perception of life. After millions burned in ovens kramatorskij concentration camp prisoners, after which claimed the lives of thousands of train and aviation accidents (and the explosion of the Trade center towers in new York), after the seven-digit numbers, which are calculated lovers of stars of show business and which one does not hesitate to declare, what Anna or Nastasya Filippovna shake the imagination!

Here, for example, won the highest film award “the Joker”. Boring because display for everyone to see the fragile man-sandwich, with its small household problems. Needed — a villain, a serial killer, maniac, new Hannibal Lecter… Overdue to produce similar metamorphosis with said Bun. Eka Prodigy — roll away from the grandparents. No, he needs to take these guys out! Then the Rabbit, then the Wolf, then the Bear. Raspalas, Bun is to meet with the treacherous Fox in a fur coat from wolf fur. It will be all the tales the tale!