The British royal family is still grappling with Prince Harry’s departure from the “company” front row. In particular, the relationship between him and his brother Prince William has suffered extremely from the events of recent years.

According to “”, friends of the heir to the throne have revealed that Prince William is not happy about the bad relationship with his little brother. While the two boys were still known as an unbeatable team when their mother Princess Diana was alive, the fronts between the two grown men have hardened after a few dramatic incidents.

Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan (née Markle) accused the Royals of racism, saying there was an ugly argument between Prince William’s wife, Duchess Kate (née Middleton) and Duchess Meghan – the list is long and the Sussexes didn’t skimp on attacks on it royalty.

Nonetheless, according to insiders, Prince William is said to be “mourning” that his relationship with his brother has suffered so much from all of this: “He really loves Harry and feels like he’s lost the only person besides his wife who has this strange.” understands the life they lead,” a source said.

But there’s something Prince William can’t forgive his brother: “He believes there are things you just don’t do. And Harry crossed that line 100 percent.” Prince Harry saw his behavior as disrespectful to the family and the Queen in his brother’s eyes. Prince William and his family were not present at his niece Lilibet’s birthday, which she celebrated with her parents in London.

It seems like a difficult balancing act that the heir to the throne has to master. On the one hand he’s suffering from the loss of his brother, on the other hand he’s just “very very angry” about all the things Prince Harry has done, according to a source.

The Sussexes came to London for the Queen’s jubilee and met the British royal family for the first time after all the disputes. But if Royal fans had hoped for a rapprochement, they were disappointed in this event. The two brothers kept their distance, once again reinforcing the impression that it will take much more than an iconic visit from the Sussexes to settle things between the brothers.

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