we Take, it grabs you in those 354 days to St. Gallen, where the Olma takes place, where no pig-organized race, new milking machines will be presented and cows will be awarded. Then you will see probably ask: is there anything at all?

Amazingly much even. For example, a clock that nobody can read. The newly designed train station, a binary watch, what are the rates at the time in Quad flashes, circles, and Xen display and the System from your Smartphone, iPad and co. used. Our analog brain is overwhelmed. Of course, The illuminated signs are an art installation – which would not have been at the train station. Because the Piazza with the station building and main post office from 1910, it was suggested by the marketplace of the Italian city of Verona. Dolce Vita in Eastern Switzerland. Today, everything seems a little pretentious for a small provincial town. But at that time, was the station of St. Gallen’s flagship as the world of embroidery-high-castle. The textile Boom is long a thing of the past, even if St. Gallen lace is still some of the Celebrities fluttering about cleavage. Cameron Diaz, Michelle Obama or the Queen have been sighted in the Eastern Swiss cloth – the local Newspapers report a feeling of pride.

A trip to St. Gallen is worth it

Remnants of the Golden years the buildings are of that time. Only a few meters from the train station in the St. Leonhard-Strasse, the embroidery business in-house “Oceanic”, the first and most beautiful art Nouveau buildings in the city. Past the bright red city lounge (the largest usable art installation in Europe) and the embroidery Museum (worth seeing!) go to the medieval core of the city. Please keep to the nose arrogantly in the Wind, because while there are see eye to eye in the shop Windows only trivial, there are the true treasures of art over the heads. In the old town, 111 Bay Windows adorn the homes of the formerly rich city fathers. Bay window bringer of light and status symbol alike. The stem in the house of the Pelican from the year 1709, for example, shows allegories of the continents of Europe, Asia, Africa and America – the owner was a man of the world.

monastery square, Cathedral and Abbey building

at some point, you are on your tour, inevitably, to the Unesco-honored monastery square with the Cathedral and Abbey buildings. All roads lead here. Do not miss the Abbey library. And if you are traveling with children that now have no desire to visit the city and leave their offspring in and around the Cathedral, the Gallus bears. From the modesty of the Holy Gallus, who founded here the 612 to be a monastery, is seen at the Baroque Wealth, nothing more.

A slight slope to magnificent seems to be a trademark, out here at the foot of the Alpstein. Perhaps it is because I was in Switzerland, always been a bit on the edge? Historians would disagree: In the vault of the Abbey library of St. gall monastery plan from the 9. Of – the-century the blueprint, according to the principle of many abbeys in Europe were built. Who would have thought it: The Olma-city is the only true metropolis of Switzerland. The four hourly trains in the direction of Zurich, explains.

The Eastern Swiss metropolis between lake Constance and the Alpstein offers countless possibilities for an active stay, as well as urban city life with many entertainment and cultural offerings.

miss the Highlight of The year, the exhibition “the miracle of the Tradition – The plan of St. gall and Europe in the early middle ages,” in the Abbey district (from 13. April). After many years of the original monastery plan will be on view again for the first time (until now you had to be satisfied with a copy). The parchment shows the floor plan of an ideal monastery with Church, cloister, economic areas and livestock barns, and is one of the most important documents of the early middle ages.

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