Inside borders: As people from different countries live in a state of emergency

“We treated it too lightly”

Milan, Italy (infected – 2 297)

the History of Italy, which became the focus of the spread COVID-19 in Europe, more like a scary movie. According to who, the number infected in the Apennines reached 63 927 people, and every day the situation is becoming increasingly tense.

Photo: REUTERS In Italy increased the demand for Newspapers in a pandemic coronavirus

– don’t know says staying in Milan, our compatriot Olga. – All are sitting at home. A curfew from 18:00, after this time the street can’t go out under any pretext. If you come out – a fine of 206 euros up to 3 months in prison. Those who went outside with the temperature above 38, could face up to three years of imprisonment. To call an ambulance too. You can only place calls to a hotline to report their symptoms, and the operator decides which team to send to you.

According to the girl, now the streets are constantly patrolled by police. Allowed to go to the pharmacy there run by one person and only in a mask and gloves. Meanwhile to buy a protective mask nowhere, even in the Internet-stores closest supply only April 21. Disappeared from pharmacy shelves and vitamin C.

the Doctors advised me to take daily 2 grams of vitamin C and zinc tablets for sucking. They say that they create a protective coat on the mucous membranes and prevent the virus to penetrate into the lungs. No one knows if that’s true, but since neither vitamin C nor zinc in nearby pharmacies no, – complains Olga.

In hospitals, a severe shortage of beds for those who have the disease occurs in a mild form, we have to stay home and be in constant communication with the local doctor. Missing and apparatus for lung ventilation, intensive care unit clogged.

In Italy, lübeckf for violation of quarantine has increased in 10 times

– Near our house are going to some hotels converted into hospitals, put there a bed, – says our interlocutor. – Very scary, like living in a horror movie, only it’s a reality. People reacted to the events too lightly: continued to gather in large groups, claimed that it was just the flu and a regular hand wash is enough. Only a few days after the quarantine was issued about 27 thousand fines – this means that 27 thousands of people continued to walk the streets as if nothing had happened. Our family for three weeks not leaving the house, and intend to stay until April 6. From the epidemic can be saved only by self-isolation.

“the City expects a protracted crisis”

Salamanca, Spain (infected – 404)

Not just to believe in the seriousness of what is happening in Sunny Spain. Until 14 March, when the government declared a state of emergency, the people here continued to live normal life.

Photo: AP / Bernat Armangue Spain per day from coronavirus has died more than 500 people

– In the Salamanca people come up with different excuses to go out. Some said a patrol that supposedly are going to visit elderly relatives who can’t take care of themselves, says Professor of the University of Salamanca, Alvaro Trigo. – There are even cases when old people were hiding in the parks behind the trees so the police did not find them while Hiking and was forced to return home. But then, looking at what is happening in Italy, people realized that everything is much bigger and scarier.

Now all sit at home. The student city and the bustling cafes were empty. Residents are allowed to go only in pharmacies, clinics and shops. Everywhere hang posters “Stay at home”. Police patrol the streets, unwarranted access to the street face a fine, and the resistance of the police – arrest and trial.

Problems with the supply of food in town, but shoppers are asked to keep a distance of two meters, inside people start in groups of a few people. But masks and disinfectants, as in Italy, sorely lacking.

– Came to the pharmacy, we only hear that it is sold out. On this wave I had a rumor that a separate mafia organization bought these goods to then resell at exorbitant prices on the black market – álvaro chuckles.

Photo: China Daily via REUTERS Spanish military find in nursing homes abandoned and the dead couple.

today in Salamanca was 404 cases, 24 people died. In reality, however, infected people may be much more widespread testing of the population was carried out. Besides, main attention was focused on Madrid, and before the movement in the capital was blocked off, thousands of people flocked to the regions. We can only guess how actually things work in remote parts of the country.

the City expects a protracted crisis, says Alvaro. According to him, the small and medium business in Salamanca is suffering huge losses, the company “temporarily” cut staff, promising to take them to work after the fall wave of the epidemic. However, people tend not to despair.

– the Artists give online concerts so people have less temptation to leave the house. Locked in four walls, we send each other ironic memes on the topic of how life has changed in quarantine mode. Of course, epidemiologicalia is not a joking matter, but people are just trying to support each other.

“the Authorities appeal to personal responsibility”

Basel. Switzerland (infected – 299)

Procession with lanterns instead of canceled carnival in Basel. Photo: Reuters

Switzerland is in seventh place for the number infected by the coronavirus in the world. At the moment there were 9 891 case, 132 people died. On the first infected became known a few days before the Basel carnival, scheduled for March 2-4. Included in the list of UNESCO cultural heritage, the carnival is an important part of Swiss life, the inhabitants of the cantons Bezel-Landschaft and Basel-Stadt are preparing for it the whole year. In the entire history of the parade was cancelled only once during world war II. Even when Europe was strangled by the “Spanish flu”, the carnival was held, albeit four weeks late. Therefore, when the authorities decided to cancel it due to the spread of the coronavirus, many participants considered the measure absurd.

Photo: REUTERS/Hannah McKay In Switzerland, we developed an online questionnaire for protection from COVID-19

– In the days of the failed carnival, many still took to the streets, but without music, – says the hostess of a local children’s store in Anna. – The police were loyal and polite. The real change occurred on 15 March.

Then the Canton of Basel-Landschaft first in the country to shut down all stores (except grocery), schools and universities switched to teaching online. The next day, the Federal Council issued the measures for the whole country, declaring a state of emergency. Tuesday, 18 Marone of the people on the streets is almost gone. It was also mobilized about 8 thousand soldiers – they help to care for patients, providing medical transport, the deployment of temporary infrastructure. For Switzerland it is normal practice in an emergency, the appearance on the streets in the form of people no one is afraid of and not worrying.

Most companies have switched to remote mode. Certain measures were introduced and in stores, with some networks inside start coupons if they are over – waiting for someone you won’t; others think the incoming people. At the box office installed partitions between tellers and customers on the floor – markings, so that customers kept a distance 1-1. 5 meters.

– From my surroundings nobody panics. At first, many even laughed at what is happening now a degree of skepticism declined. This is especially noticeable at work: if someone coughs or sneezes, people are tense… a distance of one meter saved – says Anna. – Physical store we had to close, but the staff of the online store with pleasure to come to work, it’s a change of scenery. We have many employees working in different rooms one at a time. However, you have to take for work of children – kindergartens and schools are closed, and the nurse is at risk and is unable to look after them.

Photo: Vitaly Timkivi / RIA Novosti Cases COVID-19 tyumenets have visited Switzerland, and the Islands of the Caribbean

March 21, prevention of the spread of coronavirus has been tightened – the locals were forbidden to gather in public in groups of more than 5 people. In the Canton of URI even entered isolation mode for people older than 65 (they were allowed to leave two hours in deHB to walk the dog and buy food), but the next day, ban noted, considering it a violation of the rights and freedoms of citizens.

– it is Now compulsory isolation in the country. The media constantly repeat the instructions for the prevention of coronavirus; people who feel sick, please stay home. If a person is sent to quarantine, he is responsible for compliance, explains Anna. In Switzerland, the personal responsibility of people at a very high level, her power and appeal”.

“Medicine is not ready for an influx of patients”

colon. The Republic of El Salvador (infected – 0)

Military patrolling the roads of El Salvador. Photo: Reuters

the Distant El Salvador, the smallest and yet most densely populated country in Central America closed its borders to foreigners on March 11, the Salvadorans to return went for a month in quarantine. However, to avoid getting the virus into the country failed. A local resident after a trip to Italy do not want to sit in quarantine, so flew to Guatemala, and then illegally crossed the border. The offender was found only after 2 weeks. Metapan (the town in which he lives is infected) cordoned off, but how many people he managed to infect is still unknown.

the President of Argentina: If the choice is between life and economy, I choose life

To date, the country recorded 9 cases of infection. However, from March 21, the country introduced mandatory home quarantine. To go out for food is permitted only one family member, cars you can drive only one at a time.

– Measures may seem excessive, but only at first glance, – said our compatriot, lecturer at Technological Institute of the colón Alexander Sidorov. Everyone understood if the hospitals will rush for 50 or more people, as in China and South Korea, medicine just will not stand. The country is not ready. All you can do is to slow the spread of the disease.

Closures for El Salvador means and interruption of the food supply. Now in local stores quotas, in people start groups.

– you are given 3 packs of rice, 2 packs of paper Yesterday… wanted to buy more products, but at the entrance to the store was a huge turn – says our interlocutor. Nobody knows how exactly it will take to quarantine, many people are worried that there will be a shortage of food. If so, you will have to plant gardens.

the Number of infected by coronavirus in Brazil topped 500 people

Now the streets of Colon and the rest of the Republic, constantly patrolled, the roads are blocked. Violators of the quarantine for a month delay in the government centres.

I have long been sitting at home, the lessons I spend online, says Alexander. – They say that the virus more dangerous for older people, but I have two children – silly to take chances.