Today we know of more than 2000 different species of edible insects. In many countries, beetles, and other creepy crawlies are on the daily menu, for about two billion people, insects are already part of your diet. The crawling of animal cells contain many good nutrients such as proteins, essential fats, as well as calcium, is well known. You could, therefore, contribute a significant part of the solution to the food shortage.

Despite the abundance of nutrients can imagine most of us beetles of the daily meal plan. But what if the insects would no longer be visible on the plate? Exactly this is trying to an Indonesian company. It produces a new type of Oil, which is extracted from beetle larvae. The goal of the Company is the global demand for palm oil to counteract, by creating a healthier and more sustainable Alternative.

Biteback Insect uses for the production of Oils and fats, the larvae of the “Big black beetle”. Derived from Oils and fats can be used not only for cooking and baking, but how to palm oil for cosmetics products. In contrast to palm oil larvae of the Beetle on a large surface area 40 times more Oil to win.

The production process of Biteback follows the principles of a sustainable circular economy. Thus, for the production of Oil used by insects to be fed with the waste of processed foods. The from the produced Oil is used for food production. And the waste from the food can then be used again as feed for the larvae.

as Regards the price factor can’t keep up Käferöl but with palm oil. At the moment it is much expensive and is only offered as a premium product. But the manufacturers are sure that they can scale the production to meet rising demand easier and the cost could also be reduced significantly. Then you could also try to use the mass market in Southeast Asia. There, the consumption of insects is completely commonplace.

According to Philipp Egli, managing Director of Insekterei in Freienbach, are not allowed in Switzerland, to isolate food ingredients (such as Oil or protein extracts) from insects. “In the future there will probably be adjustments to this legislative basis,” he says. He finds the concept of BiteBack Insect exciting, because the production of palm oil is causing in Indonesia, insect farms – just because where the largest problems.

The Insekterei protein powder made from roasted and ground crickets offers. This protein powder is very high quality. “In the summer we have completed a study of the Zurich University of Applied Sciences, Protein, Vitamin E and folic acid-to analyze content. Now we are about to let us in the Foundation of folic acid, as a Partner, accredit to,” says Egli. For the next few months, they received research funds from the Federal government to research with agroscope together, the topic of protein quality of insects is more.

The “Insekterei” is produced the first barbecue farm Switzerland, the protein powder and other products in Bio-quality, and locally.