“I’m glad our chat live to attract the attention and support of the Foundation “Artist” who cares about the theatre and cinema actors of the older generation who find themselves now in a difficult situation. Among them are many of my friends, partners on the stage and the set, beautiful and talented people who gave their lives to the art… I really missed my friends and family, according to his son, colleagues on the stage, the theatre, meetings with the audience. Want to get back to work, but circumstances yet against… Recently I phoned my good friend from London, a beautiful journalist Yuri Goligorsky. I told him my thoughts and he has proposed an unusual experiment for me – live in social networks. I’ve never done anything like this and have little understanding of how it might look. Fortunately, Vanya, my son, explained everything to me, promised to teach and to help, and experience the Jurassic in the organization of such events, I trust,” wrote Inna Churikova on his personal page. There will be a tete-a-tete meeting: July 29, at 21.00 Moscow time.

In company with Inna Churikova get to be an hour. From London Studio, the author and host of a British journalist Yuri Goligorsky talk to the actress about life, creativity and contemporary culture, will show excerpts from her work in theater and film, materials from the family archive. Viewers can ask questions online.

“Such statements on the Internet where the whole world becomes your audience, I still was not” – is experiencing before the premiere the actress.

Ivan Panfilov producer:

– Facebook was a great platform for these live broadcasts. We help artists to explore the possibilities of modern online technologies, if necessary, create and promote their personal pages on Facebook and Instagram. Advertising campaign in the framework of the project aimed primarily at promoting personal pages artists and charities chosen by our guest for your air. Our video engineers and operators equipped home Studio with professional lights, sound and multiple video cameras, making a connection and the necessary software, with observance of all sanitary norms. Thus, for any live broadcasts for artists to get professional Studio and site in social networks, which he can use in the future, no matter where he was.