Coronasituationen have removed the ability to make visits in prison. It has got more to complain.

because of coronasituationen have inmates in the prisons and arresterne got removed the possibility to get visit or get on the end of the year.

the Decision, which was taken of Probation, has since thrown several complaints of themselves. At least 70 inmates and relatives have thus complained to the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

It is stated in a press release from the ombudsman.

the Complaints want overall, that the ombudsman must make sure that they get strafafbrydelse.

As the Parliamentary Ombudsman usually does not treat a complaint before an authority itself has taken a position on the matter, the ombudsman will, as soon as possible send a reply to the complainants and to inform them that they must first apply to the Probation.

– I have a great understanding of that situation is unpleasant for the inmates, which is one of the groups in society, which particularly marks the impact of the measures taken to combat the spread of coronavirus.

– Some suggests that there is in the country’s prisons have spread a perception that the ombudsman can provide strafafbrydelse. I can’t, says the Parliamentary Ombudsman, Niels Fenger, in a press release.

He asks in the spot the inmates and relatives about in the first place to turn to Probation.

It was earlier this week, to the Probation removed the possibility to get visit or get on the end of the year for the inmates.

at the same time, the Probation, to inmates who show symptoms of the corona virus, must live with to be excluded from the community, in prisons.

the Actions came after the man in advance was held up to summon the convicts to serve sentences in order to limit the risk of contagion within prisons walls.

SF’s spokesman Karina Lorentzen Dehnhardt do not believe that there is any way to deprive the prisoners of visits and exits, but she believes that the authorities can curb the prisoners ‘ dissatisfaction.

She proposes, among other things, that the detainees exceptionally given permission to use Skype or Facetime to keep in contact with family.

in Addition, should the inmates have the guarantee that they get lost to the outputs of the and visit back at a later time.

– I have asked the minister to answer, about the end of the year and visits can be saved up for later use or be a few days past the release, she writes in an email to Ritzau.

I am convinced that if it can be made in the view, it can prevent many frustrations and save fængselsbetjentene for the unfortunate conflicts.