(Paris) Three days after his motorcycle accident, French actor Mathieu Kassovitz gave Wednesday, and for the first time, news of his health, thanking all those who sent him messages of support.

Bedridden, shirtless, Mathieu Kassovitz, 56, spoke from his hospital room in a message posted on his Instagram account.

“Thank you very much, I didn’t know I had so many friends, it’s nice,” he said, explaining that he “felt off his motorcycle, stupid.”

“I broke my femur and my ankle. I’m in rehabilitation,” he adds.

The actor was injured on September 3 during a motorcycle driving refresher course at the Linas-Monthléry autodrome, near Paris.

He made a sensational debut in the world of cinema in 1995 with the black and white film Hatred, which he himself directed, about the malaise of the suburbs and police violence, which notably revealed the actor Vincent Cassel. This film-event will earn him a prize at Cannes.

As an actor, Mathieu Kassovitz – “Kasso” for his friends – has shot dozens of films (A Very Discreet Hero by Jacques Audiard, Amen by Costa-Gavras, etc.). He played for Jean-Pierre Jeunet in Amélie Poulain and even tried the Hollywood adventure (Gothika) in the 2000s.