The FDP wants to reform the inheritance tax and link the amount of the allowance to inflation. The allowances for inheritance tax would have to be increased significantly.

The FDP parliamentary group leader Christian Dürr calls for a change in inheritance tax. It is important to link the amount of the allowance to inflation. “The aim must be to adjust the allowances to inflation and thus automatically increase them,” Dürr told BILD am SONNTAG. “In Germany, we generally have to come up with a new tax system. We need an automated tax rate linked to inflation. It must no longer be the case that the state benefits from price increases through higher tax revenues because the allowances remain the same.”

According to Dürr, he is currently in favor of “a significant increase in the allowances for inheritance tax. The goal of the FDP is that a property that is inherited within the family remains tax-free. I expect an initiative from the federal states in the Bundesrat in the near future. Because the inheritance tax benefits the countries 100 percent.”

Dürr rates the work of the FDP in the traffic light coalition positively, despite poor poll numbers. “The yardstick isn’t poll numbers, but whether we’ll succeed in modernizing Germany. And we are in a very good position there: We have accelerated planning projects, for example for the LNG terminals, and we are relieving the hard-working middle class by a total of 50 billion euros.” Many projects such as the acceleration of construction projects and motorways are now to be tackled. “We want to halve the planning and approval times. This also applies to roads, because nobody wants years of construction site chaos when building or renovating a motorway anymore,” said the FDP politician.

Although the FDP works together with the SPD and the Greens in a government, the Liberals have not become a left-wing party. “It’s not left to relieve taxpayers and comply with the debt brake. That would never have happened with the grand coalition in such a crisis,” said the FDP parliamentary group leader.