Denis Davydov and Inga Meladze

In 2017, the eldest daughter of the famous singer Valery Meladze Inga married the journalist of Moroccan descent Nuri Verghese, whom he had met before the wedding for 10 years. However, their marriage did not last long — last year they filed for divorce. Now the heart of the 29-year-old Inga’s once again proprietary — the other day she lit up in his instagram of a new lover.

They became the creative Director and co-founder of a design Studio N3 Design Denis Davydov. Now the lovers together with friends have a rest in Krasnaya Polyana, where the ride on the funicular, walk in the mountains and enjoy the spectacular views.

Denis Davydov and Inga Meladze
Inga Meladze

With Davydov Meladze found for several months. Such a conclusion can be drawn from instagram Denis, which is the with a sweetheart shared back in March. However, as it is the person not public, then the photo drew attention only from the close environment of the pair.

they Say that the new elect Inga has already submitted his star father, and Valery Meladze it was like — according to rumors, the singer with the guy’s daughter was easily able to find a common language. Davydov became friends with the mother of his girlfriend — ex-wife Valeriy Meladze, Irina. They are following each other on instagram, and Irina often “likes” on the pictures of Denis.

Inga, who almost never talks about personal, not yet talking about a new relationship, but with the boyfriend seems very happy and in love.

Inga Meladze and Denis Davydov with friends