Information of the Japanese foreign Ministry about the number of Russians on Board the quarantine ship will be checked

the Russian Embassy intends to check the information of the Japanese foreign Ministry about the presence of 24 Russian citizens on Board the quarantine of the cruise ship Diamond Princess.

“There is evidence that this ship are four citizens of Kazakhstan. And who knows, they fall in the list of 24 people or not,” — said in a live broadcast of “60 minutes” correspondent VGTRK in Japan Sergey Mingazov. He noted that the situation is serious enough. Among the passengers identified patients with pneumonia caused by a coronavirus 2019-nCoV. The vessel declared a two-week quarantine.

According to the correspondent, now the boat is far from shore, in the Gulf of Suruga: “And tomorrow at 8 am, Japanese time he will stick to the port of Yokohama in order to obtain food and water. According to our data, passengers have no way to contact by phone or Internet Bank”.

All on Board are about 3.7 thousand people who are citizens of more than 50 countries.

After a medical examination, the doctors found 273 people who had contact with the infected with a dangerous virus citizen of China. As stressed Mingazhev, 10 passengers confirmed coronavirus, the Russian citizens among them. This three Japanese, three Chinese, two Australians, one American and one Filipino member of the team. They evacuated from aboard the ship on boats by the Japanese coast guard and placed in 4 hospitals of the Prefecture of Kanagawa. There is a special equipment, in particular the decompression chamber. Japanese authorities say their condition is not severe, that they receive the necessary medical assistance.

“At the moment from these 273 persons known test results only for 31 passengers. And if this trend continues, the number of infected may increase manifold. In addition, it became known that the Chinese citizen, who was diagnosed with coronavirus, used the swimming pool on the liner. Thishour expected the results of the analysis of other passengers”, — concluded the writer.

At the end of December 2019 the PRC government recorded in the major city of Wuhan outbreak of pneumonia caused by a virus 2019-nCoV. Except for China, the disease is found in 24 countries, including Russia.

According to the latest data, the number of infections pneumonia caused by a coronavirus, in China exceeded 24,3 thousand people, 492 died, recovered more than 900.