The Romanian Influencerin Cristina Szeifert faces serious accusations. She describes herself as a psychologist, an artist, an entrepreneur and a health and life coach. But, at least, an artist should not call the Influencerin – make your at least your Followers.

Szeifert, of the more than 33’000 people follow, post and share to see which paintings you’ve painted is supposedly fresh. It is styled, always, never spilled or even full color. On the Internet portal “Reddit” is your accused of: “she keeps the color palette wrong.” And more: “A real artist would not use this Palette.” Also, the Palette, the painting, allegedly from see, is always unchanged. Other mind the Outfits. “Who is wearing nice clothes when you Paint?” In the case of Instagram, it means: “the Same range for the third Time?”

Influencerin defended

Cristina Szeifert is defending itself against the allegations. “I have almost every image I have made Videos on my phone” claims to the impugned Influencerin. She was a Person of public life, therefore her Image is very important. Therefore, she explains: “of Course I don’t take pictures of me with dirty clothes.” The photos are so staged, apparently, after creating for Instagram. However, the Influencerin has painted them yourself?

the color palette was just a “Symbol of art”

Yes, because the Painting was for the Influencerin a passion, ‘ she says. The critics were jealous of the accusations ridiculous. Also for the color palette, you should not make use of them properly, she has an explanation. According to “BuzzFeed,” she said, “I paint with different things – sometimes I don’t use the Palette, and sometimes. The photos are after the Painting is completed. The Palette in my Hand is a Symbol for art.”

invalidate the Fake allegations, they also declared: “I have a diploma as an international artist. I graduated from art school in Timisoara, Romania.” To prove this, post it on Instagram some Videos that show you how to Paint and Draw. (euc)