On 5. December came Diana Junes Baby to the world, at 7. December the child was dead. The Influencerin, which was so full of joy on her mother’s happiness, had to leave the Berlin hospital without your Baby. To expected home in a lovingly furnished children’s room, with a bed, in the you could your boys never.

After the accident, Diana June raised serious allegations against the Charité Virchow in Berlin-Wedding. No one have taken note of the Concerns expressed by you and your Partner several times, seriously. From the autopsy findings, it emerged that Diana Junes Newborn had suffered from a severe pneumonia, and finally, in consequence of a Sepsis died.

“We have taken our boys to the grave”

Now, the child was buried two months after his death. Diana June turns with amazing, heartfelt Statement to your Followers. “It’s not easy to find a meaning in life or the joy of life,” she writes on Instagram. “First of all, we felt so lonely and misunderstood. So you leave the Doctors, which reminds one so much of trust gave confidence in life”. “We have taken our boys to the grave, and for the first time for us.”

The hospital, she accuses inhumanity, the Doctors have never reported back to the Couple. Not even a personal expression of condolence, gave it to. The Influencerin is aimed directly at the employees and says: “I hope you know what you have done to us.” The parents have handed over the case to the criminal investigation.

Today, your child would be two months old

In the morning hours of posted Diana another photo of June with the slogan: “You should have been here – and I would have been so happy.” To do this, she writes: “Today, you were exactly two months old, my sweet, sweet treasure. It’s crazy when I think about how we would now be able to life and how empty it has become, in our hearts.” The grief to your child describes them as “terribly debilitating,” she’s surprised, sometimes, that she and her Partner were still there and held on. (euc)