The Blogger-couple-Camille and Jean from Belgium travels around the world and shares his snapshots on Instagram. Approximately 178’000 Followers accompany them in their adventure travel on your Account “Backpackdiariez”.

But with a photo of the couple now makes for a neat swirl on the Social Media platform. In order to stand out from the crowd, were Camille and Jean in a dangerous Stunt to photograph.

“This is stupid”

On a train journey through Sri Lanka, the two leaned on a bridge from the moving train. While Camille holds with both hands, lean Jean and even the back of the train. “One of our wildest kisses”, comment on the photo. The image is of Camille’s brother, as the two answer the most frequently asked question of your Followers.

More than 43’500 Likes the reward for this daring picture to date. But there are also comments that the Stunt in question. “This is not an adventure, this is stupid.” Or “damn dangerous”. A User writes: “you’re crazy.” A Follower is even clearer: “I hope that no one dies in this picture. Because if that happens, then it’s your fault.” And what Camille and Jean say to the critics? You commented only: “All for Instagram!”

Another Instagram-couple posted also daring photo

The photo of the two was posted two months after the photo of another travel couple a lot of criticism had to be for a risky image plugging. The blogger dangles on the edge of an Infinity pool on the edge of a cliff while your friend holds you from the Pool to the poor (a VIEW reported). (paf)