it is Funny different. By the end of 2018 is a prank by Youtube-Star Jounes Amiri (18) ended up injured in a mass panic, and 30. The young Influencer to stir up: four young people to ignite a loud firecrackers in a shopping centre in Dortmund (D), and to films themselves.

The Video was then published on Amiris Youtube Channel and quickly taken offline. Because even the audience found the joke anything but funny. Many buyers thought the loud Bang to a stop, had fear of death and injured in the escape.

Now, the Youtuber had to answer before the court, among other things because of dangerous bodily injury. According to “celebrity flash” got the 18-Year-old, two years probation, two weeks duration of the arrest and must provide 120 hours of community service. In addition, the Social Media Star on Youtube about 355’000 subscriber has to bear the entire costs of the proceedings.

camera man comes off lightly

More luck the camera man in the video had. Comes with four days of Arrest, and 80 hours of it. Thus, the case has been settled, and for Amiri but still. Because to him, some actions for damages, to wait.

The Youtuber himself has not commented on the case yet. In his most recent Youtube Video two days ago, he celebrated instead of birthday, while he was on Instagram, especially with his Outfits. (klm)