6.4 million people has Jay Alvarrez (23) with his Instagram Posts. The Influencer shows impressions of his seemingly endless vacations, greets from luxury Hotels or beaches. The male Model is wearing in barely a Shirt. The Americans know that naked skin increases the attention.

Now, it has exaggerated the Beau, but for many of his Fans. Because with a picture of himself and his girlfriend, the Italian Model Valentina Fradegrada (27), triggered the Influencer a veritable Shitstorm. It is to see how the hot Italian woman shoots a bathroom Selfie. Dresses? Wrong! Instead, she covered her nipples with her right Arm. Alvarrez forth smiling all the while waist-high behind the Model and has placed a protective Hand over her crotch.

“How desperate for Likes are you?”

The image alone probably would not have called forth such a large Trouble. Because the Followers of the Hobby Surfers were disturbed especially at the words he wrote: “I wish I could Bang you on my furniture.” This was too much even for his Fans.

Under the photo, the negative comments are piling up. “How can you show your girl the world?”, it is called as such. “You’re desperate for Likes. Sad,” writes another User. For many Fans, the Influencers, the image is simply “too much”.

in the Meantime Alvarrez has amended its description of the image. “I can’t believe that people from this photo, actually feel attacked,” he complained instead. Shortly after, he deleted this comment. Now the spirit is free only to:”.” The image is still on his profile. (klm)