The Corona-crisis brings a lot of Professions in uncertain times. So, too, Influencer and Blogger. Many of the orders fall out, content for social media. “Until now, at least two to three good months’ wages are passed through the cloth,” says Antonella Patitucci (26). This corresponds to a mid-five-figure amount.

fears of existence has the Instagrammerin with over 56’000 subscribers so no. “I live now some time from my Savings. If the crisis lasts for over a year, I get by somehow.” Nevertheless, the Zurich-need to have a rethink. She offers Online Workshops and Live-meditations via the Internet.

credibility in case of product placements is more important than ever

“Although my content will be viewed through the boredom at home, increasingly, many have drawn of my customers their orders.” Also, press trips, such as a Yoga Retreat, Mallorca, and Ibiza were cancelled. “Right now, it is important to me, to look at whether I can represent a product, and credible.” In the case of beauty products that you get online, could you stand behind it. “A Spa day can Yes currently, many loading.” For a Taxi company, you would not advertise but.

With its range Patitucci shows solidarity: “I want to support the local industry.” So, for example, made advertising for your beautician. “It is a stand alone pulling mommy and has now hardly any orders. This must be an incredibly difficult time. We must stand together.”

uncertainties since February

Similar to Patitucci it’s Jesca Li (36). She works as a blogger, make up artist and bartender. The same three occupations, which now is a slow period. “I know a lot of the existence of anxieties. Fortunately, I have a little saved up,” she says. Also, you had to loss of several month to take wages into account. “In February, the time was marked by uncertainty. Now nothing will work at all. Events were canceled, advertising and make-up jobs go by the boards, the Bar to.”

Daily Li on social media in your Corona-diary insight into your life and there are bright spots in this turbulent time. “You have to be inventive. Mommy bloggers share their life with the children in the Isolation, I give tips for everyday life and for example, there are local delivery services for basic food or tell my subscribers, what motivates me and how I disciplined to stay.”

criticism in the case of Influencer and Blogger, greater

That Blogger and Influencer during the Corona-crisis, many in the criticism, can’t understand you. “When we think of products on our platforms, we need to make the currently very sensitive. It is not a time for Halli-Galli”, she says. Nevertheless, the industry would have to earn somehow money. “But as long as Influencer and Blogger are widely ridiculed, is to trivialize the criticism will probably never be.”