A basket full of basic groceries for 30 euros: Spain’s second-largest retailer surprises in the fight against inflation with a big discount campaign. The Carrefour group manages such a PR coup – but a simple calculation trick could be behind it.

The supermarket chain “Carrefour” wants to relieve consumers in Spain and offers a basket of 30 groceries for 30 euros. Previously, the Spanish government asked major retailers to create special offers for the population in the fight against inflation and expensive energy prices. The French chain Carrefour managed such a PR coup.

The idea behind it is simple: 30 staple foods are to be sold together for 30 euros. As the Reuters agency reports, the supply package should include canned goods, pasta, oil and coffee. The offer is said to be valid from September 12, 2022 to January 8, 2023. On Tuesday, the supermarket giant announced that it wanted to freeze 100 products for 100 days in France as well as in Belgium. The chain does not have any branches in Germany.


But as tempting as the offer from Spain may sound: Pasta and canned goods rarely cost more than 1 euro in the best case – a trick that allows expensive products such as oil and coffee to be included in the Spanish shopping basket – which products are exactly there , is still unclear.

Spain is currently struggling with an inflation rate of 10.3 percent. While the employers’ association CEOE criticized the move as “Soviet”, the Spanish Labor Minister Yolando Diaz welcomed the project and announced that she would like to get other supermarkets excited about it. The left-wing minister does not see state price intervention – after all, companies are free to set prices. Gas prices for power generation have been capped in Spain since June. A step that is now being examined across the EU.

In Germany, the discounters in particular benefit from the inflation with their cheap offers. In June, the German discounters grew by eight percent compared to the previous month. But the full-range supermarkets also use their own brands to attract customers.

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