CNN Türk, in the capital, Ankara, 30 points of sale. In Istanbul it should be 50. How many outlets in total were set up, initially remained unclear.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said during a speech in Ankara, the way you fight terrorists, you fight now, the “food Terror” is widespread. Erdogan makes up for the price increases, the government is partly responsible, the eighth in a bad economic situation, but greedy dealers and “forces from abroad”.

cleaners are to follow

The high food prices are a political issue, and the state vegetable trade is probably more an election strategy than a relief for the wallet of 82 million Turks. 31. March municipal elections. The annual inflation recently stood at 20.35 percent.

Particularly expensive for food and non-alcoholic beverages. In January 2019, the products of this category cost an average of 30,97 percent more than a year ago. In the case of Pepperoni, it was the Turkish statistical Institute TÜIK, even, around 88 percent, in the case of eggplant around 81 percent.

According to the words of Erdogan, there should be similar initiatives soon also in the case of cleaning agents. “Thus, my citizens, my sisters Ayse and Fatma, my Ahmet, my Mehmet will benefit most ideal way of this discount.” (SDA)