Shortly before 19 o’clock broke out in the famous Cathedral of Notre-Dame in Paris a fire. Images show thick clouds of smoke above the building. The fire broke out in the attic, said fire Department people to the newspaper “Le Figaro”.

The police asks the population on Twitter to avoid the area around the landmark and to make the use of vehicles.

Brand due to renovation work?

the Church has just started renovation work. According to information from the French news Agency AFP could be related to the Brand.

As the shots show, is now almost the whole roof in flames – it could crash at any time. Already at 19 o’clock, the first parts of the scaffolding were collapsed while the fire was still going, their forces to equip.

A “terrible fire”

Anne Hidalgo, mayor of Paris, spoke on Twitter of a “terrible fire”. The firefighters put currently working to bring the flames under control.

Notre-Dame is one of Paris’s Top tourist attractions and is visited annually by millions of people. The Cathedral stands in the heart of the city on the Île de la Cité. Their history dates back to the middle of the 12. Century. Almost 200 years passed until the completion.

the dimensions of The in the Gothic style, designed and dedicated to the virgin Church, with its two majestic towers are huge: 127 meters long, 40 meters wide and 33 meters high. (hah/SDA)

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