Infectious disease physician: Panic destroys the immune system

Vladimir Posner, for example, parses the rubble of some papers, admitted to presenter in the program “Evening Urgant”. Anthony Hopkins on videos from social networks is petting the cat. A retired couple in white bathrobes, drinking wine, watching TV, where the noise of the waves, apparently imagining that they’re on a cruise.

And my girlfriends make up a list of online cinemas, museums, training courses. The benefit of many services has opened free access to their resources on the so-called quarantine. Our universal joy, the Novikov school School provided free access to all culinary video lessons.

the 13th day of self-isolation.

I during your quarantine that is coming to an end, decided to sort photos from our trip to Spain. I always dreamed about a few days after the holidays to enjoy this process.

Photo: iStock Unscheduled holiday: something to occupy the kids during quarantine

But no. Don’t go out of my head the picture of the virus. On the eve passed the message: “the laboratory Staff of the Novosibirsk state research center of Virology and biotechnology “Vector” for the first time have a picture of the coronavirus”. Photo this infection! Image, as reported by TASS, provided the Federal service of the Russian Federation. In pictures – small cell round in shape. As the saying goes, the enemy must know in person.

And scientists of the research Institute of influenza to them. A. A. Smorodintseva Ministry of health of Russia has completely decoded the genome of the coronavirus (defined the sequence of nucleotides in the DNA molecule). All this will help in the development of vaccines and antiviral drugs for the treatment of coronaviruses. Most would have been.

in the meantime, decided to go to the store. Moreover, the insulation will hang. All these days I was photos of empty shelves. Didn’t believe it. Not to say shocked, but, really, in two supermarkets in front of my eyes appeared a empty space in place of the bundles of flour and Krupath. But the products are. The sellers, as the shells bring from warehouses the goods to fill the gaping void. But with buckwheat and toilet paper a full order! The paper is even weaker in price, and buckwheat were tightened because of the disappearance of the cheaper brands.

Photo: Mikhail Japaridze/TASS the Situation with the importation of products in the shops normalized

with the price of pasta popular Italian brand “Barilla” you can learn the Euro. In Italy, Spain, the pack of spaghetti holding steady 0,98-1,2 Euro. Accordingly, when we have the Euro 72 rubles, and the “Barilla” is the same as for the shares – 54 to 58 rubles. Now different members of the line surged to 90-100 rubles, and some species – for 200 rubles.

Purchasing is not purchasing products for the future? What to prepare? And what do waiting on? No answers.

head of the laboratory of bionanotechnology, Microbiology and Virology of the Novosibirsk state University (NSU) Sergey Netesov in his lecture “the Origin of the novel coronavirus,” which was held in the framework of the “Darwin Week”, said the coronavirus of 2003 were able to win in 8-9 months through a very strict isolation and destruction of the palm of civet, and insulation all patients. So was interrupted the chain of transmission of the virus.

“I personally perceive the situation with a certain optimism, because the action taken is considered robust and appropriate. So – from two months to six months,” – said the scientist. Whole lecture here.

Photo: Russia developed a rapid-AnaLiz for coronavirus

Meanwhile, in Novosibirsk on March 20, recorded two cases of infection COVID-19. One woman was in the UK from 2 to 13 March, the second March 15, arrived in Moscow from Zurich. Both after some time, fell ill, are now in the infectious diseases hospital, reports the official channel for regional oberstab.

the CPS and the police determine the addresses of passengers flying with the patients from Moscow to Novosibirsk.

Went to a page in the social network of Natalia Tolokonsky. As she herself writes: “I am a scientist and infectious disease physician for more than 40 years. Decades was the main infectious diseases of Novosibirsk and 10 years of SFO”. And so we read: “Yes, we need certain restrictions contacts and hygiene, but within common sense. Today, it is important to provide moral support to the population. Increase in the intensity of the circulation of the virus works on humans, quickly increasing the population’s immune protection. This immediately reduces risks of complications and death. Don’t panic, it ruins your immune system! Focus on strengthening your health! For this we need the joy!”.

still, I can get cracking on sorting out the photos from the trips. Joy, thus, is certainly assured.

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