Golf pro Daniel Garner feels the consequences for his actions. After he repeated the Nazi salute at a West Ham United game, law enforcement are now determining his sentence.

Multi-year exclusion: Golf professional Daniel Garner (26) is not allowed to attend a football game in England and Wales for three years. This is announced by the law enforcement agency CPS. The reason for the penalty is Garner’s behavior in a Europa League game between West Ham United and Austria Vienna at the end of September 2021. He repeatedly gave the Nazi salute to the Austrian fans. First, “” reported on the exclusion.

Weak attempt at explanation: When questioned by the police, Garner attempted an explanation. He was “intoxicated” by the game and let himself be carried away by the gestures. The authorities do not accept the argument. “Being intoxicated” is no explanation for the “inexcusable behavior”.

Not an isolated case: Similar incidents occur again and again at football games in England. In some cases, the perpetrators cannot be identified. The insults against Marcus Rashford and Bukayo Saka after the lost EM final in 2021 became notorious. The English were victims of many racist hostilities.

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