Corona, rising fuel prices, Uber. The taxi industry is suffering from recent developments. In an interview with ” t-online “, the Berlin taxi driver Rolf Feja explains why things are so bad for the taxi drivers.

Not only the competition from the American trip provider Uber makes business difficult for the taxi industry. The rising sports prices are also causing problems for the veteran from Berlin. “The biggest problem is our prices. They are tariff bound. The authorities give us the price. Even now that petrol prices are skyrocketing, I can’t recalculate,” explains Feja.

The rising prices for diesel shock the taxi driver. Only a year ago, a liter of diesel cost 1.50 euros. Today the price is 1.96 euros. “You have to imagine this. How sick the system is. And now this shit tank discount. That’s a joke,” says the Berliner.

He is not an economist, but according to Feja, the tank discount primarily benefits the mineral oil companies. “There’s no better way to give them the money. The fuel discount also benefits SUV and Porsche drivers,” says the taxi driver. He doesn’t get anything from the tank discount. The “little bit of profit” that he and his driver colleague still had is said to have even decreased.

Feja can also quantify his losses: “I would say that sales have fallen by 40 percent since 2019. But we have an inflation rate of eight percent. One or two colleagues give up every day.”

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