After the crash of a Lion Air in Indonesia, with 189 deaths in the local aviation authority has published the first results of the investigations. The Boeing 737 of the low cost carrier was already on a flight on the day before the accident, “not roadworthy”, in a preliminary investigation report. The machine was on 29. October brought down only eleven minutes after the Start-up in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, into the sea. Of the 189 people on Board no one survived.

The New York Times reported in advance, relying on the investigation report, that the pilots of the aircraft would have fought from the beginning against a crash. More than two dozen Times you should have tried to pull the machine in the low cost carrier Lion Air from a descent to the top. The plane crashed with high speed on the water. To not expressed to the report, the investigators, however, first of all.

The data recorder of the Boeing had been found. After the vote-recorder, which records conversations and noises in the Cockpit, looking for the investigators.

Technical problems on the day before the accident

After the crash, it was speculated that a newly introduced Software might have caused the crash, which can adjust the height of the rudder, the machine automatically. The pilots can turn this off by means of two switches in the Cockpit again, but what happened, obviously.

Already a flight from Bali to Jakarta the day before the crash, the Board had made the computer conflicting information on flight height and speed. Lion Air explained that the problems had been resolved prior to the Start of the next Morning.

The Indonesian airline Lion Air flies to dozens of domestic and international destinations. It is one of the youngest and largest Airlines of Indonesia. 2013, a Boeing 737-800 of Lion Air missed the runway on the resort island of Bali. The machine finally plunged into the sea – all 108 people on Board survived the accident.