The Indian billionaire Harsh Goenka (62) is a big Roger Federer Fan, and travels in the holidays like in Switzerland. Now, however, the chief of the conglomerate RPG Group, has started on Twitter a controversy over Switzerland, which was picked up by Indian Newspapers. In the centre: the Four-star Hotel Arc-en-Ciel (franz. for rainbow) in Gstaad, BE.

With my own eyes – so he is insured on demand – has he seen the notice in the “guests from India” rules of behavior in order to draw attention. Is signed by the hotel Manager Christiane Matti.

the first point concerns The Breakfast buffet. “Please take anything, the food is only for Breakfast”, it is said. A “Lunch Bag”, so a lunch-to-go, one could order and pay. The Hotel draws the attention of the Indians to the fact that other guests were also a welcoming Buffet. Therefore: “Use only the provided Cutlery.”

Who wants to share food, have to pay

Then, the Hotel explained that for the Parts of the main meals for two or more people, and costs from 5 Swiss francs per additional person for Service and plates are incurred. 1 franc is charged for the drink.

another Problem seems to be the noise. The other guests would appreciate peace and quiet, so please do not ask the Indian guests are to be in the corridor quietly and not to talk on the balconies, according to the. “Thank You!” After all, No rule of conduct is the last point of the list. The reception for tips is recommended for excursions.

a billionaire takes his countrymen to the duty of

As Goenke in his Tweet writes that he felt when reading the Posting first “angry, humiliated and wanted to protest”. But then he realized that the Indians were as a tourist in fact, loud, rude and culturally insensitive. The Indians are, to a certain extent their own fault that Hoteliers need to explain to them how to behave decently.

Goenkas invitation to his countrymen: “we are Working to change our Image!” India tourists to be the best global ambassadors of the country, now India become a international Power.

This understanding attitude of the Swiss Hotel opposite parts but not all of the comment-writer. Many condemn the poster, and the Hotel as a racist. Rules of conduct were in order, but you would have to be directed to all of the guests, not just Indians.

A misunderstanding

The Hotel Gstaad has removed the rules of etiquette for the Indians in the meantime. “We have removed this information sheet immediately, as we have noted, that it was understood by some of the guests are racially abused,” explains hotel owner Christiane Matti will be on VIEW request.

It was a misunderstanding. “It was never our intention to offend our Indian guests.” You could merely want to inform you that for eating a Supplement charged’m going to share. In addition, there had been noise complaints and complaints about the “handling the Breakfast buffet of some of the customers and their children”. To customer complaints they would have to respond. Racism was a No-Go.

the information sheet raises so high waves, surprised by the hotel operator. You have sent first as Info on travel companies in India, with which they worked together. This not responded. The more response there is now on Twitter, and the assessment tool from Google.

It is not the first Time that Swiss Hoteliers with certain groups of guests to create. 2017 a Hotel in Arosa GR came under fire, because it was sent to the Jewish guests in the shower. Two years before the Hotel Monopol fought back in Lucerne against greedy Breakfast eaters from Asia and Saudi Arabia.

special guests

With the Indians should forfeit Swiss Hoteliers. Indian tourists gave the Swiss hotel industry in 2018, more than 800’000 Nights. Year for year they come more numerous. Often to the Bernese Oberland. The Region counts, according to Switzerland tourism the most popular destinations of Indian.

The marketing organization wants to attract more guests from the Indian subcontinent. She sits for a number of years on Influencers such as actor Ranveer Singh (34). Regularly, other bollywood stars, reports travel on social media from your Switzerland. Always in the Background of your images: beautiful mountains.