Two neo-Nazis are said to have attacked journalists at an event in Lusatia on Friday evening. An affected reporter made the crime public on Facebook. The police are investigating.

According to their own statements, a reporter and a photographer from the magazine “Cicero” (Berlin) were verbally threatened and attacked on Friday evening in Neukirch/Lausitz (district of Bautzen). At the event organized by the “Bautzner Frieden” association, neo-Nazis initially pushed them in an inn, insulted them and hindered their research, reported chief reporter Moritz Gathmann on Facebook on Saturday.

When they wanted to leave the place later, “two guys ran out of the dark”. They were masked and yelled “Get lost”, “Fuck off”, banged on the car doors and windows and smashed a side mirror. The Görlitz police are investigating, said a spokesman on Sunday. He did not provide any further information about the incident.

There is a neo-Nazi problem in this area and certain environments tolerate their presence, Gathmann summed it up, but also wrote: “Don’t take this event as an opportunity to defame this entire region here again as ‘Bautzen brown under'”. Rather, it is important to stand up against it and not let yourself be scared.