The concept is simple: Buy a Swiss in Germany, ask at the Store an export certificate for your purchase. This then let to the German customs office stamp and so later, the 19 percent VAT refund. So far, So legal.

A 46-year-old Swiss national, resident in Bern, but wanted to get more out of it than they ought to. 31. July he tried to brazen way, the customs office in the Rhine at Weil-Otterbach the wool over her eyes, as the main Lörrach customs informs on Tuesday.

The Berne shopping tourist have specified, for 6500 Euro acquired Velo to carry. His goal was clear: the refund of the VAT amount in the amount of over 1000 Euro.

The case of the lie

knit Optimistic he presented to the customs officials of the export certificate for signature. However, this was suspicious and followed up several times, where exactly the bike was for. The answers of the Swiss were able to create any clarity. First, he gave the bike on the roof of his car to carry. Later he protested to the officials, the bike was on the car of his wife.

But the Situation was still strange, the customs officer took final suspicion. He ordered an inspection of Goods. Only then will the Swiss were to have the wheel already on the previous day without stop at the customs office run. There is also no import has been paid to the Swiss customs.

Since it was the VAT-tricksters. The tax collector initiated proceedings for administrative offence and lost the shopping tourists with juicy 1155 euros. Most recently, he also noted that the man was not married.

again and again shopping tourists.

frauds That some Swiss shopping tourists try to enrich it in such a brazen way, is nothing New. Back in April, a VIEW reported that incidents like this are not uncommon. Again and again the Swiss can’t get your enough of it. So it came out last year to 7041 Scam cases.

Especially popular the lazy Trick is, in the waste of a store after not pre-export appear to be looking for out of country people. Without actually being in possession of the Goods, want to hijack the swindler then the VAT. Also, a subsequent Stamping of the export licence is not allowed. The goods must always be for the first export declared. (bro)

The comparison platform Comparis has examined the bargain prices abroad remain such and not with a fine in the end.

1. Check the conditions for recovery

Absolutely, you must have a permanent residence in Switzerland. In addition, minimum purchase, as well as time-limit for Export vary from country to country. Also it’s important to note that the Redemption period, the VAT varies.

2. Ask a tax-free shopping

Some shops offer Swiss, to be able to be in the Store tax free shopping. This saves time and nerves. In General, these transactions are marked at the entrance or the cashier with the blue-and-white Logo of the Global Blue.

3. You can export the certificate

stamping The export documents can be stamped at the customs of the departure country, typically right before Crossing the border. Care: The goods must necessarily be carried!

4. You declare the Goods in Switzerland

the imported Goods Exceed a total value of CHF 300, you must declare the goods to Swiss customs. You must now pay the Swiss VAT. Here it is important to take care of: Some products have a limited duty-free entry!

5. Reclaim the VAT

In General, you can reclaim the VAT after the Stamping of the export certificate directly in the business. You can choose whether you want to pay off this bar, or from the nearest shopping pull off.