The first victims of the coronavirus in Yemen were two people, just the virus was identified in six since the start of the pandemic, Minister of health and population of Yemen Nasser Baum Yemen channel Yemen TV.

On Wednesday, the internationally recognized government of Yemen, which control only part of the country against the backdrop of civil war with rebels from the movement "Ansar" (the Houthis), who took control of the North of Yemen, has reported six confirmed cases of infection with coronavirus since the start of the pandemic in Aden in the South.

First case of coronavirus has been identified in Yemen, 10 April the resident of the province of Hadramawt, who has recovered.

In Yemen in 2015 there are active hostilities between the Houthis and supporters of the internationally recognized authorities led by President Abdu rabbu Mansour Hadi, which resulted in the impoverishment of the population, the destruction of many health facilities. Experts believe that under such conditions the wide spread of the coronavirus in the country may lead to the death of thousands of people.

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