In Yemen, killed one of leaders

the US President Donald trump said that as a result of the United States special operations on the territory of Yemen was destroyed by one of the leaders of the terrorist organization “al-Qaeda” (banned in Russia) Qasim al-Rimi.

As noted in the released white house statement, it was under the leadership of al-Rimi group “al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula” (banned in Russia) have committed unprecedented acts of violence against the civilian population of Yemen, and sought to organize multiple attacks on the US and the us military, reports “Interfax”.

it is Emphasized that the elimination of the leader of the group will weaken as “al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula” and “al-Qaeda” as a whole, bringing US to the threats that these organizations pose to national security.

According to the head of the American administration, the United States will continue to identify and destroy the terrorists who seek to harm the United States.