And the head of Yamal Dmitry Artyukhov striving to control how landscape the municipalities build housing, social facilities and building roads.

the Governor visited with a working trip to Labytnangi. Sightseeing the head of the region began with the area of housing development.

– Here is the whole complex of works. Perhaps in recent years this was not: it roads, utilities, and housing construction, and landscaping. Most importantly – is a great Foundation for the future. I am glad that work has already begun. In many municipalities, County restrictions due to coronavirus difficult start to the season, somewhere not enough workers. But here in Labytnangi, we see that people have on objects, the movement has gone, – said Dmitry Artyukhov.

In the active stages of construction are now four of the seven apartment buildings. Together, they provide more than 36 thousand square meters of new housing, this 802 apartments for the resettlement of dilapidated Fund. Some houses will be commissioned next year, the rest in 2022.

– we have a very ambitious goal set by the Governor, to build 130 thousand square meters of new housing capital. But those rates that we see on construction sites, plus a comprehensive approach to issues related to security, landscaping, Parking spaces, clearly displays that Labytnangi ready to evolve to meet the needs of the people, -said the head of the city Marina Treskova.

In the area at the same time built communication with the future, are the roads and landscaped yards. Feature of the neighborhood that all car Parking areas located outside the perimeters of homes and yards will only rest area.

the Next stop of the head of region became a pedestrian zone in the street of Gagarin. It is on this Central street existed before, but now will be much more comfortable. Expand the sidewalks in the Park “Rebelene” there will be sculptures, art objects, Playground for children, a new light. The territory will be adapted for walking moms with strollers and the disabled.

how it transforms urban space, residents can observe in real-time. This year the citizens voted for three of the facility improvement. One of them is a pedestrian zone on Peace street and Parking on 119 seats. It is just next to the new neighborhood. Parking will be equipped with 45-th column electric, so drivers were able in the winter to warm up their cars. Residents supported the idea of local motorcyclists about the arrangement themed Playground near the sports complex “Olympus”. Its center will be the architectural composition of the two bikers. The fourth object of improvement for this summer – multifunction-onal��Alna area along the street Dzerzhinsky. It will become an example of how due to zoning, you can combine interests and preferences of people of different ages, lovers of noise and tranquility, nature and the city.

All the facilities will be commissioned before the end of the summer construction season 2020.

this year In Labytnangi will repair more than 14.7 kilometers of urban roads. Repairs will affect 21 driveway. On the two roads will end reconstruction that was started in 2019. On two – scale reconstruction has just begun. The Governor inspected the work that is going on Gagarin street – there will order almost two kilometers of the road.

Dmitry Artyukhov visited the kindergarten “Katyusha”, complete reconstruction, starting in 2018. The building of the kindergarten was one of the first in the city built in the capital execution in 1985. The construction itself is reliable, but the arrangement of the kindergarten outdated. Now in areas already collect new furniture, decorate the space. Soon the garden will be able to visit 300 young citizens.

a Garden is almost ready, it remains to finish the little things. We have already washed all the rooms, collect new furniture. You will see how space will change when we finish the registration, – said Dmitry Artuhova the head of the city Department of education Lyudmila Muratova.

Katusha decided to merge with another preschool “fairy Tale”, located two hundred feet. The second building was updated several years ago. They have a shared outdoor area, which has already started to improve. For children make interesting and safe play areas, on one of the sites already boasting a mini-version of icebreaker “Yamal”. After the merger of the two gardens will turn out primary works, consisting of two three-storey buildings, designed for 615 pupils aged from two months.

– Looked like renovated kindergartens. They were currently under construction, but already obsolete. Last year we agreed that we will upgrade today and see around the territory is being improved. I am particularly pleased that this is happening with the active participation of residents. This General feature Labytnangi – make decisions with the participation of parents, concerned residents of the city, -said Dmitry Artyukhov.

From 1 June, work began on the indoor court hockey “Crystal”.

After the opening of the new ice court, which accommodates all who want to play sport on skates, the need for a second ice arena anymore. Sports facility decided to overhaul and change its functionality. The rink will appear instead of a Boxing ring, climbing wall, volleyball and basketball courts, a field for mini-football, mobile to��Plex TRP, tables for chess and table tennis.

Summing up the visit, Dmitry Artyukhov noted the momentum that is gaining city in the construction of social facilities and roads, landscaping.

– We remember that recently there was not a clear opinion, what will be the future Labytnangi. Someone said that in the city there are no jobs, no prospects. Now we understand that with the development of all major projects, the long-awaited Northern latitudinal it will create jobs, so the city should be more beautiful, you should see a new space for residents and, of course, a new comfortable housing. I am sure that with the pace at which all this is unfolding, we will succeed and achieve the objectives that had set for ourselves, – said the head of the Arctic region.