the ceremony at the expense of patrons were made 450 sets of clothing with stripes, which depicts the Yalta lighthouse and inscription “Maestro of purity”.

“My city, I swear! In my hands green your clothing, your roads, squares and courtyards! You’re a marvelous coastal city, you’ll be the best city on Earth!”, – promised municipal workers, lined up at the line on the city’s waterfront.

– I’d like to change the Outlook of people, because many people believe that the janitor is none. What was up with the administration is very cool, very inspiring, – said the employee of green building I level Mar Sharifullina.

Retrodizayn clothing immediately caused a heated discussion among the citizens and Crimeans. Because a few months ago, a very different style standard workwear approved by the Committee of representatives of the utilities and the public. The kit included a standard overalls with pockets, baseball caps, polos, gloves, sand or olive colours. But city officials refused it a more modern version, focusing on the uniqueness and originality of clothes. The development of a new form instructed the sewing enterprise of Penza.

– took the suit janitor Tsarist Russia, combining history and modernity, – said the head of the company Alina Kolotushkin. – When sewing was used globalizarea lightweight fabric which has reflective elements. This material has successfully passed the test of heat.

– Yalta “Maestro of cleanliness” should be different from their counterparts in other cities and areas in the quality of their territory, and in appearance, – said the mayor of Yalta Ivan Imgrunt. – Therefore, the sample was taken by the overalls worn by the pre-revolutionary wipers.

In the future for the masters of purity will develop options front and winter clothes – also in the pre-revolutionary style. And to the new ones, while unusual for janitors form does not gather dust in closets, the mayor will sign the Ordinance on the fee for her to wear.

– Also in the near future we will issue you the license tokens (as traffic police) and the service certificate that says that you are not janitors, “Maestro of purity”, – said Ivan Imgrunt, referring to public utilities. In the future, official identification, you will be free to use public transport.

in the meantime, the best workers, the administration noted by diplomas and letters of gratitude.