In the framework of the concept of development of system of especially protected natural territories of Federal importance and of the Federal project “the Conservation of biological diversity and development of ecological tourism” the national project “Ecology” in the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) will be created state nature reserve “Bear island”. This was announced by Vice-Premier of Victoria Abramchenko. The relevant draft government resolution has already been prepared.

the Reserve is located on the Bear Islands surrounding the archipelago waters of the East Siberian sea and in the tundra part of the municipal formation Nizhnekolymskiy district with a total area of 815 hectares 568,35. In the boundaries of the reserve also includes the most valuable territory of the state natural biological reserve of regional importance and resource reserves “of Chaigurgino and Cardilino cross”.

“Arrange the reserve is designed primarily to protect and preserve the population of polar bears, rare birds such as Siberian crane, lesser Swan, Pacific black goose, a pink gull, spectacled eider, Sandhill crane, and other rare and endangered wild animals, birds and their habitats. It is our national natural heritage, which the state and the citizens should exercise special care”, – said Victoria Abramchenko.

the Reserve belongs to the conduct of the Ministry, which must ensure the regime of special protection of natural complexes and objects, to make the necessary arrangements associated with its creation and prior to February 1, 2021 to send to the Federal registration service the documents for inclusion in the Unified state register of real estate details about establishment of borders of the “Bear Islands”.