In Wuhan hospital chief of staff died of coronavirus

In Wuhan died the chief physician of the temporary hospital built to combat coronavirus COVID-19.

Liu Cimino was 51 years old. He became the first head of the medical institution in China who died of coronavirus. Liu Jimin was born in 1969 in Hubei province, in 1991 he graduated from the medical faculty of Wuhan University, specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of traumatic brain injury and intracranial tumors, said TASS.

Previously from the coronavirus passed away, the doctor who first reported the outbreak of a new disease in Wuhan. On 14 February it became known about the death of the nurse, Wuhan hospital “Wuchang”. Liu Fang died at the age of 59 years.

Just a new type of coronavirus in China contracted for more than 72 thousand people, of which 1.7 thousand medical workers. Outside China, cases of infection were identified in 25 countries, including Russia.